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10.7_vanilla.catalog w/iTunes 10.6.1, Java Update, & Safari 5.1.5 [UPDATED]

March 13, 2012

In case any InstaDMG users are looking for a cut & pasteable 10.7_vanilla.catalog that’s set up for using a 10.7.3 InstallESD.dmg, iTunes 10.6.1, Java Update 2012-002, and Safari 5.1.5, here it is:

OS Updates:
 AirPort Utility 6.0 sha1:4e58a9e1af3ddefce843e49ef4b3f36c9c79793a
 iTunes 10.6.1 sha1:e9067bd7b8add8ef6bba0799df1e5a245c6c8187
 Safari 5.1.5 sha1:c253c54faf399ef961a962425930e410cf3fe47e
 JavaForOSX sha1:f3a37aaeace6731c427c76b277c8741d9d6e0220

(Important note: Tabs don’t translate well to WordPress. Be sure after copying to replace the spaces before the URL’s and sha1’s with tabs!)

Sure you can make one yourself in 10 minutes but I thought this might save someone some trouble.


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